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We represent our clients in the field of software patents and (standard essential) telecommunication patents (GSM, UMTS, LTE, ...). Over the last years we gained experience in litigation proceedings in the worldwide telecommunication industry. Furthermore we were involved in several revocation proceedings before the European Patent Office and the German Federal Patent Court.

Technical areas

We focus on a high quality standard and provide a clear technical profile: computer science, wireless/ mobile, semiconductor technology

1. Protection of software

Applied computer science and engineering, in particular
  • programming languages
  • software engineering, data processing programs
  • databases, database management systems with query languages
  • Client / Server, Internet Protocols
  • Highly-Parallel computing, cluster technology
  • simulation software
  • image processing, speech processing, audio and video coding
  • Robotics, Robotics
  • Cryptography, authorization, authentication

Furtermore aspects of Internet law, particularly trademark and/ or domain aspects (so-called domain law).

2. Mobile Technology / Telecommunications

A further focus is on mobile devices (3GPP / ETSI), Communication Technology and Telecommunications, in particular
  • Mobile (GSM, UMTS, LTE, LTE-U, IEEE 802.11)
  • The network equipment (cellular, infrastructure, ad-hoc / device-to-device, Prose)
  • Logs, User Equipment/ terminals, Base Station
  • Near Field Communication (NFC, Bluetooth, RFID)
  • radio resource management, interference minimization, scheduling

3. Computer Hardware

  • computer and network architectures, network technology
  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs)
  • Semiconductor-based integrated circuits (microprocessors, microcontrollers)
  • processors, processor architectures
  • bus, memory, peripherals


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