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We represent our clients in the field of software patents and (standard essential) telecommunication patents (GSM, UMTS, LTE, ...). Over the last years we gained experience in litigation proceedings in the worldwide telecommunication industry. Furthermore we were involved in several revocation proceedings before the European Patent Office and the German Federal Patent Court.


Automation technology is a very broad and multidisciplinary research and application area and includes techniques such as digital image processing combined with pattern recognition or the use of neural networks. Individual components are in turn programmed digital systems, for example on the basis of signal processors. Research on the areas of Technology computer science, control engineering, robotics, system theory and digital signal processing in conjunction with image processing and the development of integrated systems. Industry 4.0 aims at a transformation of traditional processes towards computer science. In this way the focus lies on patenting software as well as it becomes a part of production processeses. Software patents are in general becoming more attractive also for industries which previously solely relied on manufacturing systems engineering and mechannical engineering.



Automotive engineering typically teaches application scenarios, hardware components and respective software implementations. A variety of subtopics may provide allowable subject matter. Typically examinations proceddings concentrate on novelty and inventiveness issues rather on lack of technical contribution as the application domain of automotive engineer is per se technical. Of course seeking protection is interesting for innovative firms rather than retailers or distributors.


Image Processing

Image processing involves several sub-areas such as image recognition, pattern recognition and image processing. Under the term pattern recognition methods are summarized which are suitable to separate patterns in images from one another according to certain criteria. In image recognition an image is used as a starting point. From this image features are identified and extracted and compared with stored information in a database. Image processing deals with the manipulation of images in terms of their visual depiction. A technical teaching being directed towards application scenarios refering to image processing is typically patentable even if only software is involved. According to European patent practice the required technical contribution is present in case technical considerations are involved.

Another evolving field related to image processing is Virtual Reality.

Typically technical considerations are involved in the reconstruction of the true reality as well as in the design of hardware components. We have deep knowledge in the design and implementation of smart phone related issues such as UMTS, GSM, LTE and related ETSI standards as well as the design of virtual reality applications. Both fields seamlessly work together in today´s smart phones providing the user with amazing new application domains.



Bioinformatics includes, among other things, the management and integration of biological data, sequence analysis, the search for DNA signatures in extensive genetic and genomic databases. The optimization of existing algorithms and the development of new methods for optimizing hardware resources is essential and requires extensive research. Accordingly protection is necessary and can indeed be obtained in case technical contributions are present. However, European patents shall not be granted in respect of plant or animal varieties or essentially biological processes for the production of plants or animals. This provision does not apply to microbiological processes or the products thereof.


Computer Security

Possible threat scenarios form the starting point for research and deliver the requirements for the design of secure systems and networks. The more complex the threats, the more complex the security measures for the protection of networks. The security of modern enterprise networks and IT infrastructure requires comprehensive measures and a certain knowledge of vulnerabilities and appropriate protective measures. Research areas include cryptographic methods, security protocols, security in communication protocols, security in mobile networks and intrusion detection and prevention.


Cluster Technology

In many scientific disciplines there is a problem of huge data amounts to be processed within a certain time requiring high computing power. Some of these problems require highly complex calculations on large data sets. If a single system is not sufficient and does not provide scalability and high availability clustering approaches are applied. Clusters consist of several structurally separate machines that have a broadband connection. The individual machines form an organizational unit. In the context of grid computing cluster technologies play a critical role for the operation of the grid nodes. A Grid refers to a massively distributed systems. Among other factors, such as availability, authentication, billing costs and quality-of-service are considered as user requirements. Allowable subject matter may claim architectures, algorithms and appication scenarios.


Database Systems

A database system generally consists of a database management system and a database. Database systems are known to the user from the use of web-based search engines. High-performance systems and algorithms are required for providing short reaction times. A technical teaching being directed towards application scenarios refering to Database Engineering is typically patentable even as software is involved along with hardware components. According to European patent practice the required technical contribution is present in case technical considerations are involved. For example, self-optimizing a query language may provide a technical contribution and may therefore comprise allowable subject matter.


Real Time Systems

According to the definition DIN 443000 has the following definition: The operation of a computing system in which programs for processing applicable data are constantly ready for operation, such that the processing results are available within a specified period of time. Autonomous driving is an example for an application domain of Real Time Systems. High bandwiths make remote steering possible, which requires immediate response necessary. Novel and inventive Real Time Systems typically provide a technical contribution rendering the technical teaching patentable.


Efficient Algorithms

The operation of the control software is typically done using highly limited resources. States, especially in embedded systems, robotics, and when used for mobile terminal & auml h Xenical depends on the success of the software used mainly by efficient algorithms. Here, m & uuml; Shen corresponding data structures are provided, a real-time operating m & ouml; be possible or parallel Abl arrow Xenical purchases will be calculated correctly.
This may be a technical contribution, particularly in the efficient use of the AV navigation use stationary supply system resources be made.


Energy computer science

Smart metering, Internet of Things and managing energy consumption are typical application domains of informatics relating to energy. This field extensively grew in the last years and fosters green computing. Next to environmental issues such considerations save power and therefore money. This technical field is linked to e-mobility providing application scenarios such as car battery charging and supplying energy back into the network during peak hours. As tomorrow´s energy networks will be decentral involving both consumers and private providers innvovation is highly attractive in this field and deserves protection.



Semiconductors are closely related to the respective software components as they typically provide the control units for implementing a specific functionality. The functionality as such can be protected for instance in case it relies on hardware components. Protection can also be obtained for respective protocols or data formats in case they involve technical considerations. For instance a line code, a data format in general or the protocol for data communication along with measurements and testing can be protected.


High Performance Computing

The technical field of high performance computing provides solutions to complex problems. For this purpose, use is made of scalable high-performance computers, which may form a computer cluster. Complex problems are typically broken down into minor sub-problems and processed accordingly. It is necessary to provide suitable software tailored to hardware components. Depending on the maturity of the control software and the adequacy of the underlying problem for parallelization an efficient processing is reached.


Internet of Things IoT

Internet of Things IoT refers to the idea of connecting everyday´s items fostering mutual communication. As typically physical devices are to be connected patentability does not suffer from lack of technical contribution. A technical teaching being directed towards application scenarios refering to Internet of Things is typically patentable even if software is involved. According to European patent practice the required technical contribution is present in case technical considerations are involved. Accordingly protection can be sought not only for the devices as such but for respective instructions as well.


Smart Home

Smart Home devices can typically be operated from a mobile phone or even an onboard car assistance system. This comprises the control and configuration of the heating, kitchen devices security means or entertainment devices. Accordingly the system may learn from the user behaviour and manage home devices on its own. Patentability is typically given for novel and inventive subject matter as the field of smart home addresses hardware devices operated by software. Hence, a technical contribution over the art is provided.


Software Engineering

Software engineering is a field of applied computer science, which deals with, for example, the systematic design of complex software-based systems. It deals with the aspects of which the design and implementation of software systems, as well as restructuring and, for example, modular reuse of existing software or parts. These include methodological aids such as special procedures, modeling capabilities, tools, and principles for systematic development and quality assurance of software systems. Will explore fundamental and general laws, from which informatic practices and systems are developed.



Robots will be part of everyday´s live ranging from small gadgets to humanoid robots. They are as well known from (semi) automated production processes. These robots operate cost efficient and may even take over tasks which pose dangers to human beings. Along with mechanical engineering software is one field where a ever growing number of patents is filed and granted. According to DIN EN ISO 8373, an industrial robot or a robot is an automatically controlled, programmable multi-purpose manipulator in three or more axes is programmable and can be arranged for use in automation technology either in a fixed location or mobile.


Network Technology

Network Technology addresses the wireless and/or wired transmission of data signals from a data source to a data sink. Relevant research topics involve developing appropriate architectures, the design and implementation of appropriate protocols, heterogeneous architectures and hardware for implementing local, regional and/or global computer networks. Technical contributions involving client server scenarios or mobile networks may comprise allowable subject matter.


Medical Engineering

Medical technology is a very broad and multidisciplinary research and application area, which is characterized by a high potential for innovation and technically sophisticated and complex developments worldwide. Advances in computer-aided medical systems, comprise computer assisted surgical procedures, imaging and improved communications, for example, electronic medical records that support the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Due to the demographic development with an increase in the average age of the population, the need for new and more effective diagnostic and treatment modalities, and technical support is constantly increasing. The preparedness and prevention is expected to expand the use of technology and computer-assisted methods in the future. Patentable may for instance by certain technical teachings for imaging a spinal cord and virutal seperation of vessels.


Language Processing

Speech processing has several technical areas, such as the physical detection of audio signals as well as a recognition of individual words that appear, for example, using pattern matching and further understanding speech in the sense of identification of semantics as it is done in Natural Language Processing. Speech recognition and language processing takes place in a variety of technical applications. For example, the use of language processing for control in the automotive industry is known. Related to language processing is text recognition and text processing.


Human Machine Interfaces

Human Machine Interfaces comprise speech or gesture recognition. Mobile navigation devices typically perform navigation using very limited system resources such as processing power, memory and transmission bandwidth. Further they need to obtain instructions from the driver as well. The driver´s attention should not be drawn to the configuration of assistence systems. Hence, a seamless integration of human machine interfaces is required being intuitive to understand. This involves technical considerations leading to allowable subject matter including software.



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